Mayad Nga Pagbisita!

Mayad nga Pagbisita!

It was my native tongue meaning “Nice Having You Here!”

I am sharing a part of me.. It was my passion to write and share ideas thru pen. I don’t know when it’s started, but I know by heart I can capture your hearts and soul through a stylus. Maybe it’s my gift, to inspire and touch lives. I’m a bookworm and whatever catches my attention or something that I can relate into, I jot it down and ponder upon it.

My world begins and ends in writing. I love to journalize everything that caughts my fancy, even┬ámy crush wink or simply what his shirt of the day when I bump onto him, with a a girlfriend.. so sad! But well, it’s a part of being alive and inlove.

I’m just making my “starter”, not main course yet…. so as what my fave Edward Cullen said,”Let this be the beginning of forever”– in our case, let this be a beginning of a new pen-ship and blogging moment.

So why not sit back, relax, enjoy reading…

Duro guid nga Salamat!