City of Pines Adventure!

I’m not getting over with our Baguio Tour!It’s my first time to witness the Panagbenga Festival or the Flower Festival at the City of Pines. The travel is somewhat tiring and exhausted but the memories are so beautiful, that it takes me an hour to look over our photos and move on. It’s not my first time to visit the place, but the excitement is still there and once the breeze of Baguio flew over your face it’s somewhat heavenly, plus the “Titanic-smoke” that comes out on your mouth when you speak is so awesome!!!!

Our first visit is Mines View Park. It’s my second time actually but still there’s things to unravel and try. We try to become an Igorotak once in a while and I just proved something: It’s so hot! Yes, the textiles are so hot that I keep on perspiring while taking some pictures…. but I assure you, I enjoyed much.. We’ve spent the whole afternoon at Mines, capturing pictures, horse-riding, and eating a strawberry salad– Baguio’s favorite fruit…¬† Our next stop is Good Shepherd Convent¬†where Ube jams are so delicious but unfortunately, we haven’t try it out coz it’s crowded.. Maybe an evidence that their specialties are truly worth to wait for even of longest line… Next day, we witnessed Panagbenga Parade where they showcased floats of flowers. After that, we visited Our Lady of Atonement Church and headed to SM City Baguio for lunch. Bought some trinkets and giveaways for some friends and enjoy our eyes over the scenery. Next is Burnham Park where we enjoyed boating at Swan Lake. A few hours of rejuvenating and laughs… After some few rest, we headed back to Manila as chance passengers coz we’ve been left by our bus… But still it’s a nice experience…. and hope to come back again to Baguio, not to roam but just dropping by because I have another plans in mind and that is a trip to Sagada to view the Banaue Rice Terraces.. (cross finger)

The trip may takes our pennies out but the smiles and experiences will always stay even in our old age. It will pass through generations and who knows my great great granddaughter or son will say, “Oh, my, grandma sucks.. Look how she managed to rock Baguio?!”