Eulogy Part 1 ( A Short Story)

This story was incorporated during my MRT ride,wherein I saw lady handling a book and I read the summary at the  back, I was captured by the word, and when I arrived at the office, I can’t move on..not until I made my first draft. I started working this story at around June of last year, but till now I can’t manage to finish it. Hope wordpress helps..=)



“Can you do me a favor?”

I stopped arranging his medicines, and looked at him.

“Why, what is it?”

“It just knocks on me and I think of it last few days. Will you write my eulogy?”

“What? Are you sick?” I asked him in rage.

“No. In fact, I’m just lying here in this very comfortable hospital bed with an IV fluid on my arm as an accessory”.

He sarcastically teases me. He looked straight at my eyes and I saw how hurt he was in my reaction. I just mumbled my apology to him.

“I’m sorry. I never intended to react that way.  It just that… I feel it’s awkward to talk about that.”

He looks at me puzzled. As if he was searching for something which I can’t figure what or whom. What he’s thinking about? I’m little bit paranoid and uneasy at the same time.

“Are you still full of hopes that I can recover in this situation?”

“Yes.” I replied. Assuring him he can still make it, but back in my mind, I’m also not convinced what I’m saying. I fear that this would lead to a lie.

“Hmm..That’s the spirit”.  He smiled and continues, “And that’s the reason why I fall in love with you, and I never regret every second I spend my life with you.”

“Stop it.” I said, and walk towards him and give him a tight hug. Every moment we’ve shared give me a shudder. What if this would be the last time?

“You’re on a diet, aren’t you?” I ask him to ease up my feeling and to distract my thoughts.


“Coz I can’t wrap my arms on you anymore ,you’re so huge”. He lost weight since he was rushed on the hospital and undergo his operation.

“And so what, I’m still handsome.”

We burst into laughter as what he had said. A knock on the door make us stop and I hurriedly open it. The nurse in-charge came in and reminds me that visiting hours is over. I glanced at him, and he just shook his head, as if conveying me not leaves him.

“I’ll be back soon, promise. And promise me that you’ll behave, while I’m gone. I don’t want my hubby entertaining anybody else.”

“Insane.” Don’t be jealous, wifey. I’m all yours.” He said wearing his most captivating smile. Seeing him that way makes my heart beats faster. I can’t explain of that tingly feeling. Is it pain, confusion, or compassion? I can’t say the exact adjectives on it. All that matters, right now, is that he wakes up every morning to face a new day together with us.

“By the way, I already texted Suzan and she’s here…“, I never finished my line when Suzan appeared on the doorway. Suzan is his younger sibling and it’s her time to assists him today.

“Hi, Ate. Sorry I’m running late. Traffic.” She sighed . “Oh, Big bro, how are you? Does Ate feed you well?

“No. In fact, I’m starving.” Starving to be with her again soon,”

I heard Suzan giggled. “Dear, stop it. Or else Yuan will starve to death too,” referring to our adopted pet dog. I fixed my things, bid Suzan & kissed him goodbye.”  I’m about to leave when he called me.

“Dear, think about what I’ve said.” It’s big deal to me.” I just nod in silence. Honestly, I don’t want to think about it. Doing his favor is a big deal to me too. It’s a painful journal of memories I don’t want to happen nor readily accepted.

I ride the elevator as if floating in the air. My mind is not properly functioning. What the heck is he thinking about?  I reach the first floor and headed to hospital’s parking lot. As soon as I opened my car, I sit silently pondering what he has said. The favor his asking is still echoing at my mind. Will you do my eulogy? What if Angels of Mercy will not be on our side, and they will steal him to me? I can’t help and burst into tears.  I wept my tears as I’ve noticed the hospital guard coming; I lowered my window and answered what his signaling about.


“Ma’am, are you okay? I just nod him.

“Is there something I can do for you?”

“No. I’m okay. Thank you.” He walked away mumbling but I started to start my car and left the hospital. Sun is nowhere in sight and rain will probably pour within the day. I’m not planning to go home early so I just drive around. I passed by on the park where we first met and memories flash back as I pull over…

November 26, 2007

                I just finished my thesis paper and I’m preparing myself for my last panel interview. I decided to have my brunch at my favorite resto. As I approached the door, Tita Jacque is smiling at me.

“Hey, pretty, I thought you’ll be not coming today, I cook one of your favorite”, she said as she prepared my food.

“Just busy, Tita. Besides, I’m always present if I have some time, you know that”.

“Yeah, I’m just missing our talks. Anyway, can I have your number, I bought a new simcard, and I can’t use my unlimited calls because I have no friends having the same network.”

“Sure, where’s your phone?”

“Here,” as she put her phone on my hands.

I saved my number on her phone, finished my food and bid her goodbye to attend my class.


I’m indulge reading Danielle Steel’s Johnny’s Angel when my phone rings registering unknown number, thinking it’s Tita Jacque, I closed the book and answered it.

“Hello, good evening”

“Hi, good evening too,” said of my unknown caller, and I am surprised that it was a man.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you. I got your number to Tita Jacque; I’m her avid customer”.

“Ah, okay. I’m expecting she’s the one calling, coz she asked my number earlier.”

“Honestly, I’m the one who ask the favor to her. I saw you one time there, and I want to know you better”.  

“So, Tita has a hidden agenda why she asks my number, huh?” “How much is your bribe?”

“Secret”, He said, followed by a laugh.

“By the way, I’m Ferj. Tita already gave your name but I want to be sure. So, may I know you?

“I think Tita gives all what you want to know, but for the sake of your effort, I’m Fia.”

“Thanks. Now, I’m not a stalker anymore”, and he laughs again.

“You stalk at me?”

“Not literally. You can ask Tita.”

“Hhhmm.. so this is well planned, huh?!

He just laughs at the other line. That was the beginning of our friendship. Ferj became my texting and call buddy. He spend his night talking at me, and he’s a great help coz sometimes insomnia attacks me. We never run out of topics. He’s a good conversationalist and story teller. We share ideas about life, friendship, school, family and some out-of- the- blue things that pop on our mind.

                It was 5th of December and I just arrived from school when I heard a knock, only to found out that it was Tita Jacque.

“Can I have your time?” she asked smiling.

“Sure. Why, do you prepare a merienda for me?” I teased.

“Not only a merienda, but a hunk, that you’ll forget your aching stomach”, she said and grabbed my hands.

I followed her bewildered, and for the first time, she introduced Ferj to me. I was surprised and unprepared to meet him. I’m still at my school uniform, hair untangled, no powder, no lip balm, totally in mess!

“Fia, this is Ferj, my  Ryan Agoncillo look alike customer.” Tita Jacque broke the silence.

“Hi, I’m sorry; I’m on my unglamorous look tonight. I’m not aware that Tita will introduce you to me”, I said looking to Tita asking for help on how to face him.

“No it’s okay. Actually, I just drop by to visit Tita, and when she saw me, she said, I’ll stay and wait for her coz she’ll be back in a minute. I’m not expecting she called you,” he said.

We just look each other in minutes. And I noticed how cute he is, having a dimple on left cheek, a typical boy next door and very charming.

“You’re tall. What’s your height?” he asked, as he put his hand above my head as if measuring whoever is taller.

“5’3” how about you?”

“I’m just an inch taller than you, but you look so tall, “He said in laughter.

“No. You’re taller than me, it’s just that I’m lanky that’s why I look taller to you”.

“Did you eat dinner already?”

“No. I’ll be preparing supper, when Tita called me.” I said honestly.

“Wow, good timing, so can you join me, I don’t accept a no answer by the way.”

“So do I have a choice?” I asked and followed him.

We eat together at Tita Jacques’. Tita revealed to me the first day he saw me, and his regularly loitering there just to see me on the morning before he goes to his class, he’s out-of-nowhere questions just to get some information and many things that he wants to know… I was astonished on what he’s doing without my knowledge but it feels like heaven. For the first time in my life, I was bothered on his existence! I looked at him and he just stare at me as if saying “can you forgive me?” I bowed my head and continue eating but I lost my appetite, all I know is that my heart is beating so fast…

Saturday evening, a month after we first met, Ferj called up, asking if I will go to church next day. So I told him that I’m attending an early mass, so he decided to go with me. I agreed, besides I have no companion. Next day he picked me up at my place and we attend the mass. After the mass, he asked me if I have some plans or work to do because he’ll be preparing breakfast.

“Do you want to go to my place; I will cook our breakfast, I’m a good cook, unless you don’t know” he said showing his cute dimple.

“Really, I don’t know that you have that talent. Why you don’t have to apply it at Tita’s resto?”

“Hmm, it’s my hidden talent and my professional fee is too costly that Tita can’t afford to pay”

“Then let me try that too costly breakfast of you.”

That was the beginning of our being together. I spend my weekend together with him. We cook together while making stories, watch movies and both ends up in laughter, He reads book while I’m listening to him over a Nova and Sprite in front of us, sharing our most memorable childhood experiences, and exchanging ideas about our “dream-happy family” to our “dream hubby and wife”.

“I want to have a happy family someday”, he started.

“Me too. I want to have a loving hubby and two kids that are all so cute”, I added.

  “Two? Bad, me, I want to have one”.

“Only one?  Then you can’t hear a loud laughter and it’s lonely”.

“Hahaha! Is it lonely having one dozen children?

“Funny. If I am you’re wife, I will not let you.”

Really? It’s unfair; you want to hear a loud laughter remember?

“Yup, but not in dozen.” I rolled my eyes to disagree with him.

“If I want two kids, can you be my wife?” he said seriously.

“Hmm… probably! Then I can have a cute dimpled baby boy” I teased.

But he never responded to my joke, instead he looks at me intently, grabs my hands and clasped it. He looked me in my eyes and said,

“Fia, I’m praying this day to happen, and I would not spoil this moment. Can you be my girl? I want you to be my wife, have two kids and a happy family with you.”

I was shocked on his admission. I just looked at him searching something if he’s joking but he’s not. I pulled my hands and stand up, retreating myself, but he suddenly wrapped me by his hands, tracing my face.


“Just give me time. I want to think over it”, I mumbled.

“Okay, I’ll wait for it, sorry I ruin this day”, as he turned his back and sit to the nearest sofa, shoulders down, and looking at the wall blankly.

“I don’t want to disappoint you, but just give me few time, maybe I can come up with an answer.”

“I don’t want to put pressure or force you on this matter; I leave all the thinking to you, I already had mine.”

“Okay. Thanks, don’t worry I’ll ask my guardian angel to help me decide”, trying to calm him and to revive the good atmosphere again.

“Guardian angel, please be at my side”, he jokingly wished, as he kneel and clasp his hands.

February 2, 2008

I’m working my draft resume in my laptop when Ferj called up; I saved my work and talked with him.

“Hello, are you busy?!”

“Not really. I’m working with my resume, because two months from now I’ll be a career woman in a corporate world,” I said, emphasizing every word

“Wow, that’s good. Then you can treat me on the posh restaurant and have a ride on your BMW car on your first salary”.

“Huh, we’re dreaming again. By the way, why have you called, any agenda for today?”

“I just want to ask if you can meet me today, I just want to show you something”.

“Ah okay. Sure, just give me ten minutes.”

Ferj insisted that he will pick me up on my place. So I hurried to prepared myself and wait for him.

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s just say, you’ve been kidnapped by the most handsome guy in the world”.

“Whoa. Called it spirits! Well, I have some ransom money prepared unless you don’t know.”

“I will not buy that. Be my slave”, he teased.

We parked alongside of the road, and I know we’re outside city limits. I can breathe the fresh air and heard chirping of birds in distance. I can hear the whooshing sound of the waves and feel the heat of the afternoon sun.


“Cool. What’s place is this?”  I asked in awe.

“Wait, till you see, but first turn around because I have to put a blindfold.”

“What? Is it needed?”

“Yeah.  Com ‘ on, be a good sport”.

I turned back as he put the blindfold. When he’s done, he slowly guides me as we’ve walked. I can feel fresh air blowing directly to my face. It feels like home, I thought.

“We’re here.” As he slowly untied the blindfold,

“Wow, how come you discovered such beautiful place?”

“This is my paradise. When I was small, my family used to have picnics here and we spent our time playing, eating, and swimming. My grandpa loved to sit on the bark of that talisay tree and tells stories of World War II while my uncles are busy for barbecues.

The sea is calm and water is inviting for a plunge. The trees welcome every traveler with its sprawling shades. I just content my eyes gazing at the scenery. I never imagined I can go in this place courtesy of Ferj.

“A penny for your thoughts?” he broke the silence.

“No, not really… I just can’t help but admire. It’s wonderful, how I wish I can go back here with loads of books to read or make a poem.”

“Come. Let’s sit.” As he glide his hands on mine, and we walk holding hands to a cottage.

We settled on the cottage and he started telling stories on how his family spends Sunday’s. They have a happy family; in fact I’m crazy to meet them. I want to taste a special ginataan his lola used to prepare, a barbecue his uncles’ specialty and his special lasagna whom he proudly said to me.

“You know what, I have this specialty too.”

“Ows?! And what is that, fried egg?”

“No. I can cook and baked, lady. You’re challenging me?”

“Not really. I admitted I’m not a good cook, so that’s the basic quality I’m looking for.” Teasing him.

“Nice. “he said triumphantly. “Is that your way of saying I pass on your standard?”

“Huh?!” I caught off-guard. I never noticed, the words just slip and worst, I said it loud and clear.

“Fia, I’m deadly serious. I love you.” He looked straight in my eyes.

“Ferj, God knows I pray for His guidance on how to deal with this, and I believe this is the right time to say how I appreciate and love you too.

“Thanks Fia.” Then, he stands up and jest, “I never regret that I bring you here, now, I have you.”

“Is that your way of courting, it’s coercive” Replying to his joke.

“Sort of, and you’ll not regret it. I will cook for you, take care of you and our children, a good husband that you can proud of aside from having the most handsome hubby, of course”, he grins

“Whoa! That’s boasting. “

“Kidding aside, I’m serious.” Pulling me towards him and planted me a kiss.

“I love you”, he mouthed, glancing at me.

I just smiled back and hug him. We never noticed the time that it’s twilight as we headed home. It’s the happiest time on our lives…


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