Last Request




This poem was dedicated to Beatitude. T’was created during an afternoon which all I can do was stare at my desktop and his face was all over my mind as if his my screensaver,and take note I’m not busy..(lol)


Can you hum me a song?

Accompanied by a harp to heal my soul,

Or strummed your guitar to a sweet melody,

To vanish the longing I feel for thee;


Can you write our love story?

Even if it ends in tragic and agony

Just to inscribe the love we once unfold,

A living memento as we grow old.


Can you paint me a picture?

Of us—savoring the bond of being together?

A keepsake that I can treasure,

In this hour of solitude and torture.


Can you lure me to sleep?

So I can dream happy thoughts,

To forget the pains that you’ve brought,

The heartbreak and tears that I used to weep


Can you give me a hug and a kiss?

That I can carried as I welcome my eternity bliss,

To let you know that even in life and death,

You’re still my dear, I will always keep.


Can you grant my last request?

To visit me once in my last quest,

Put my favorite rose near my heart,

Then forget me and make a new start.



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