My Silver Year of Blessings and More!

Every year when my birthday soon approaching, I have different ideas that come into my mind on how to celebrate it. These are the things that I never do, places I never visited, somebody I never acquainted or just an idea that captures me, and I want to try it…

Last year my birthday milestones include a visit to Camillian Sisters and helped in medical mission, visit Our Lady of Carmelite Church and visit Star City with friends..,

Now, as I turn a year older, I want to accomplish more. So at the mid of July, accidentally I visited Our Lady of Remedy Church at Malate. Only to found out it was one of the most visited church in the country! Unfortunately, we just offer some prayers because mass is over, besides we’re late to arrive because we content our eyes at Manila Zoo has to offer. (Forgive me, but it’s my first time to visit too,hehehe). After that we full our appetite at Max’s Malate, while watching yachts at nearby Manila Yacht Club.

At the end of July, I prefer to visit St. Jude near Malacanang as my church to pay homage. St Jude is known as Patron Saint of Hopeless. It was believed that if Board Exams are near, lot of students and devotees visit every Thursday to offer petitions at the church. Some of the hopefuls applicants or workers to abroad visit St. Jude for assistance and to answer their prayers.

Mine, I just visited St. Jude to thank him for another year added on my life. Some requests are for my family, career and personal petitions. (do lovelife includes here?).

At exactly the First day of the Month, at three o’ clock in the morning, I was officially 25!!! As the well wishers and friends greets me, I feel so complete. Even rain showers and hustling winds accompany me to celebrate, but still it was always a blessings. My colleagues never expected that day  was very special to me, in fact  nobody knows except some few friends that day was my day. It just turns out when my friend greeted me and the time that one of the pizza chain in the city delivers the cheesy pops everyone favorite!!!!

My birthday was always known by my close friends so even a day after, there’s still well wishers, Even in the time of writing, I read more messages from some FB friends which are very touchy,

My birthday prayers and common wishes are good health and a beaming career ahead of me, I’m looking forward for more years at HPH and serving more years with God as payback thru medical missions and church visits. I wish that I can serve more and all those dreams will come true including my dream house! (cross fingers)

As I finished these I want to extend my thanks for the following:

>Thank you God for the blessings and I promise to take care life and will act based on your design will. I’ll be your faithful steward and friend. Thank you for always there for me during my down times and for always hearing and listening to my pleas and prayers.

>Thank you to my family who are my pillars of support. Thank you mama for always believing in me and for trusting me even I’m away from home. I love you.

>Thank you for my friends for the friendship and love. Some come and left me, but the memories always lives on, but I’m so THANKful for the one who stay even how harsh the world offers. Thank you for sticking even destiny takes us apart. Thank you fellas!

>Thank you mentors and teachers from my grade school to college for enriching my lives and teaching me the good path in order to reach on this level. This profession is never accomplished without you, Thank you for bringing the best in me. Thank you for helping in fulfilling my dreams–My Accountant dream, now am I a full pledge one!

>Thank you for detractors,critics,enemies,friend turn enemies, and other people who are always pushing me down. As what my Bestbuds says,” You have to pray for them” and I will. Your criticism will always be my guide and lessons. You make me strong but I will never drop this fight!

>Thank you for my colleagues who are molds me and teach me on how to battle the work at the workplace. There will be lot of pressures and tears but I’ll be standing firm in order to fulfill my dream, to become a good employee, and to contribute something that HPH will be proud of. Thank you for the friendship too–especially my Service Team. I may not be part of the team, but you always consider me as one.

>Thank you Camillian Sisters for the prayers and love, Thank you for enriching my spiritual being and for the friendship we’ve shared.

>Thank you for those special friends that touch my heart one way or another, I’m so thankful that our path crossed and shared memories that’s so precious I can always remember. Thank you for the smiles that you’ve brought, for the words,for the jokes,for the moments,for the text messages, for the phone calls and other means of keeping touch.

>and lastly, I want to thank God for sending a Good-man into my life. He’s always an inspiration to me. We’re maybe apart, but I appreciate every effort he exerted. Time difference will hinder us but I know in Love’s clock, there’s always a right time. I’m just enjoying what love will offer us, but if it’s Him, I will thank God in advance.

I’m looking forward for more years and years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!


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