Writers’ Block Nessy Style

I love to write! I don’ t know why it just knocks on me and can’t help but words are streaming and ideas, thoughts and dreams keeps on pouring and pouring until I found myself having a journal of my own.
I don’t know when it started or how I come up in this kind of insanity. I just woke up one morning,that a dream of becoming an editor of college paper is a true one! I never anticipated that I can be a writer –an expressive and can touch lives through a pen. I’m not a good one but I’m trying to be one. The only thing that matters to me is that I can live in a world of worlds wherein I can be myself.
I can make happy out of the sad past, I can make an inspirational messages out of depressing experiences. I can write poems even in the midst of storms and aching hearts (and found out, it was a good poem compare to not a broken heart at all). I can let people smile despite of tears due to harsh things world banging unto me.
The paradox of writing makes me whole. I stumble a lot of times but as I grabbed my pen, I rise up on that muddy,sucking place and walk again– this time more careful!
My pen and papers witness how I grow up and face the world I lived into.They’re my refuge when I can’t find my way home. They’re my hankies when I need to burst out my pains and heartaches. They’re my pillows and sleeping pills when insomnia attacks on me.They’re my songs when I can’t hum any single note due to depression. they’re my constant companion on my weary days. I can’t live without them both.
They’re my life,without a pen I can’t stand up in times of my fall, It;s my staff,my anchor,when I sail and toss by stormy sea while my paper is the absorber of all my rantings and pleas!
Life without words to scribble is boring…
I thank God I can write! I THANK GOD I AM A…


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