Para Kay Ma’am-Ma!

How can I forget the things you did a lot to make me what I am today?

Let me count the ways– the way I remember how truly special you are to me.


When I was born you wrapped me with love and affection,

When I utter my first word, you’re the one responding the most soothing words I love to hear,

When I have my first step, you’re the one who first ran when I stumble and fall,

When I enter to my first grade, you’re my company to meet my teacher,

When I have my first medal, you’re the most excited!

When I compete to  my first A-1 contest, you’re my greatest trainor  and audience,

When I transfer school during my elem days, you’re my bestfriend,

When I joined the table tennis team, you’re the best coach,

When I have my Quiz bees, you’re my reviewer and mentor in one,

When I battled in my three-months hospital rest, you’re my hands-on doctor I’ve ever had.

When I have my investigatory project, you’re there to lift me up when I delivered my speech.

When I got my elem diploma and delivered my address, you’re the crying mom I’ve ever seen!


When I enter the portal of my high school life, you’re my motivator,

When I’ve got my target grades, you pamper me with words I’ll never forget,

When I failed in my own way, you lend your hand and make me stand-up

When I have my Diocesan quiz, you never failed to remind me, to believe in myself.

When I kiss my high school life good bye and received my diploma, I never feel so blessed I made it with you!


When I was in crossroads what career I will plunge on, you’re my counselor,

When I step out on my shell and savor the college life brings, you never failed to encourage me,

When I have my first failure to Retention policy, you supported me and love my JPAMA kitty

When I land to my dream Executive role, you’re my first editor

When I stayed up night for my grad requirements, you vigil with me.

When I earned my degree, I’m happy to share what I have with thee!


When I’ve got my first interview, you’re the most nervous than I

When I landed to my first job, you’re the best boss and critic at the same time,

When I opt to broader my horizon and land my first city job, we both beat longingness,

When I called and want to give up, you welcome me back with open arms and give me hope

When I was bored and homesick, you send your love in distance and feels me like its home again.


When I introduced someone for the first time, you give him a shudder yet you stay calmer–

And how I feel so paranoid that you outburst but you make him feel welcome

When I had my first heartbreak, you lend your shoulder for me to cry on,

When I penned all my heartaches and pain, you pat my shoulder and say “Move on!”

And now that I’m strong enough to fly away from horizon…

You’re always there believing I can and I’m so grateful!


So if a cola ad tag says, “Can you ask for more?”

All I can say is, yes I’ll ask for more– More years of friendship and togetherness to savor the destiny God plans for both of us.

To my One and only Mom- I love you and praying to have more years of touching lives thru enriching young minds.


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