Valentines’ Sentiment

Here we go, the most special, well-talked of the town, the most well-celebrated by lovers– Valentines Day. Roses everywhere, hearts, reds, wines, movies jumpacked of every partners and fully booked hotels. But how special vday is to someone who always considered valentines as just an ordinary day… before.

This is the first valentines that I have a relationship (seriously.. I have all flings every vday) but the idea of having him in distance is still considered as nothing special in it. Yeah, I have my heart-warming greetings from him, with corresponding three magical words at the end of the message but still I never have a heart to say it’s one of a kind. It’s less extraordinary, so passe’.
I have my own idea of valentines day–spending it someone I truly love in a romantic getaway where we can share the best of both world but I never had it a chance. I’m not ranting though, I’m just expalining myself. (laugh out loud)

By the way, one of the reason that makes this day special is that an unexpected call I received after I had my boring, unintimidating lunch. I’m busy reading my favorite blogsite when I heard a ring tone and wow, he called unexpectedly. And sad to say, I feel so happy and alive, and all those boredom fades away as he talked to me and how I feel so special after that thoughtful call. A common conversation the two known friends had but maybe, what makes it magic is the thoughts that counts, cliche goes.

But conscience bites me after. Here I am in a relationship where I plunge out of the blue yet feel tickled after that call from a friend (in retrospect: special friend). The feelings we’ve once shared still there , maybe buried by time and heal by circumstances we’ve faced but good thing is– its not really forgotten.

Valentines day after seven hours will bid goodbye but the feelings of what I feel today will always be considered special!

To that someone who brave enough to call: Thanks mucho!


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