Disappointed but Happy

Today, I have still hang over on the 4-day Holy day vacation. My system still adjusting as I approached my table to start again for a day’s work but feel relieved after seeing my table very organized. Whew, so thankful for the cleaners..= )

As a ritual, I open my gmail account and voila no messages from an expected person. I feel so disappointed but I just console myself… maybe this is what I need after thinking of possible reasons to fade away. Lately I have many realization and somehow I figure the consequences using my “very hypothetic” mind and my “sensitive” heart on the matter. I’m just waiting for some signs before deciding what is better or best. Hope it will result to a justifiable, good one. Cross finger!

By the way, I have still good news. I have one follower again, finally. Thanks for the Bangkok Sojourn post.

I’m looking forward for a week of full surprises and positive vibes…


Can we call it a night?

I’m too sleepy and just forcing my eyelids to pop open… I’m just finished my reports for fiscal end closing.. Even I have gulped my Starbucks’ frappe sleepiness still drawing on me. I want to grabbed my pillows and comfy blankets and want to forget everything.. I want to be in bed now…

How I wish Makati is just a wink away to Quezon City!

Bangkok Sojourn


Somebody gave me a Thai earphone before he bids farewell, and before leaving he said ” Remembrance mo galing saken, magagamit mo lang yan pag sumakay ka ng Thai Airways”, and I just shrug my shoulder on his mockery tone…

I don’t know but after a year, I landed at the Land of Smiles– Bangkok (my regret for I forgot to place bets with that someone). I crossed my dream list for I achieve it. I thank God for giving me a generous friend and confidant for making my dream so true!

We went to different places from wats, to cruising Chao phraya river, for meeting monks, visiting the jewel places, attending our first Thai mass at Assumption Church, riding the tuktuk, riding the BTS (BKK train), eating a dough with Thai custard, strolling Khao san Road, riding the elephant, eating a super spicy Thai chicken, visiting the floating market, and meeting new friends. The list will goes on, but cliche as it goes, “Picture paints thousand of words” so I’m just posting here some of my snapshots!

me as the wat as my background

me as the wat as my background

the wat says it all!

the wat says it all!

Golden Mount visit!

Golden Mount visit!


The Assumption Church...

The Assumption Church…


The Reclining Buddha

The Reclining Buddha

elephant ride...and saw this handsome man!

elephant ride…and saw this handsome man!

bidding goodbye  at suvabhumi airport and not missing to pose on the pink taxi!

bidding goodbye at suvabhumi airport and not missing to pose on the pink taxi!