Disappointed but Happy

Today, I have still hang over on the 4-day Holy day vacation. My system still adjusting as I approached my table to start again for a day’s work but feel relieved after seeing my table very organized. Whew, so thankful for the cleaners..= )

As a ritual, I open my gmail account and voila no messages from an expected person. I feel so disappointed but I just console myself… maybe this is what I need after thinking of possible reasons to fade away. Lately I have many realization and somehow I figure the consequences using my “very hypothetic” mind and my “sensitive” heart on the matter. I’m just waiting for some signs before deciding what is better or best. Hope it will result to a justifiable, good one. Cross finger!

By the way, I have still good news. I have one follower again, finally. Thanks for the Bangkok Sojourn post.

I’m looking forward for a week of full surprises and positive vibes…


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