The group was founded when we’re sophomores. As far as I remembered, after lunch we will go to grotto beside the church or on the guardhouse to chat, exchange stories, laugh, eat, read pocketbooks or any other stuff we used to think until 1pm. The word “wiggles” is the name of a chewy marshmallow coated by chocolates which is wrapped individually. That time it cost three pesos or less (my memory doesn’t serves me well). We used to eat wiggles and it happens to be a group favorite, until we coined it and be our group name.

Single Wiggles Sisters– that’s our official barkada name. We are eight in a group, each have different like and dislike but somewhat, somehow  we share same perspective about friendship. The group composed of Lilet, BB Wilma, Amae, Maricris, Jade, Rose Ann, Rhoda,and me.

Lilet is our “most silent, most mahinhin, Filipiniana,demure and fashionista” . She’s the type of a friend whom you can tell your top most secrets and feel assured she will not slip of the tongue, even how you conveys her to spill out. I know her fro almost a decade now, we’ve been together during our lowest and weakest point and till now she remains to be one of best of friends!

BB Wilma is our “cute, dancer, small but incredible”. She joined our group during our Sophomore years when she transferred to our section. She’s my pocketbook buddy because she’s a fan of Martha Cecilia too.

Amae is our serious type. She’s the thinker, more independent in our group. She is the “nanay-nanayan” in terms of making decision, maybe beacuse she’s grown up earlier than us.

Maricris is next to Amae of being serious. She sometimes talk but when she is, it’s more mature conversations– family matters, life perspective and the last heart to heart we have is about her lovelife. No wonder she’s our record breaker coz she’s the first to got married on our group! But we’re glad to have first inaanak with her.

 Jade is our “talkative, the chismis gatherer, mabola, ma-kwento” but she brings the group a funny, vibrant,joyful environment!

Rose Ann is our “big girl, literally”. She’s the one that believes that diet is not a neccessity, it’s vanity. She’s our taga-libre after our departmental or final exam ends at Balay-Balay, where we enjoys our arroz caldo.

Rhoda is next to Jade as talkative and next to BB Wilma as dancer of the group. She’s next to Cris for being the second who give us inaanak to cute, charming Baby Nice. She’s the cutest in terms of penmanship, because when she writes, it’s very small but readable.

We have been grown up now, some of us have a family of their own but in our most convenient time, we manage to meet and update lives together.

Here’s our latest catching up and we parted ways happy. I’m blessed to have this batch of friends!

Bb Wilma, Cris and me at Trinoma!

Bb Wilma, Cris and me at Trinoma!


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