It Hurts, you know.

Why can’t we be?

Why can’t we be the two of us?

It’s so painful to know that even we’ve been apart for years now, you still occupying majority space in my heart. And knowing that you’re with that someone, I’ve been piercing in pain and can’t accept that I hurt you so much and lead us this way. You considered me strangers even we’re too close before. You build walls and left me hanging, assuming that we’re okay but obviously, we aren’t.

If I have one regret in life, that is — not taking the risk. And I hate it!

regret--bites me slowly to death!

regret–bites me slowly to death!


I Want More!

I already make some modifications and customizations on my blog today.. I make it as simple as it is, to portray what’s within me.

And as I check my dashboard, I came across to my follower and I’ve got fourteen followers to date…and I want it more! =)

Looking forward to connect with you guys!


You kissed me goodbye,

And I don’t know the reasons why

You keep on telling that we’re the perfect two,

But you broke that promise and left me in blue.


I try to have life and let go,

But memories are painful, breaking me apart,

Every single word you said are songs in my heart

How can I live a life, if my life is you?[1]

P.S I write this poem in a middle of work but as internet connection fluctuates, the idea hits me.  For someone whom I love but out of nowhere I hurt him, unintentionally. =(


After years and months had gone, still I’m in love with him… And last night as I visited his page, I came across to his post dedicated to his mom. The poem was piercing and very truthful. As always he never failed to capture hearts through pen– the way he captures my own heart!

If ever this post is patented, I’m willing to be incarcerated.

To Mr. V, thank you for coming in my life, you give my heart a job of his own (always shouting your name) at least it’s not unemployed after all. lol!

Excerpt from the post:

Her lips were pressed against my nose,
With all her strength she gently rose,
She picked me up, wrapped me in those arms
And as her chest beats fast, mine became warm

I always searched for a girl I could love,
And give her everything, I ever have
But all this time, I should’ve known
That a part of my heart, was with her all along

I’m Going…

There's no place like home!

There’s no place like home!


I  will see the favorite places that marks my childhood memories,

I can feel the warmth of Antique’s breeze as it kissed to my face

I can practiced my unstretched muscles again to beat the winding road ahead of me

I will touch the earth again with my bare feet

I can see the green and barren mountains of Taripis and Banderahan as it was covered by clouds

I can play with the crystal clear water at the river

I will drink the fresh,sweet, thirst-quencher water from Sapa kang Camandagan,

I can kissed my lola Magdal wrinkled, soft, aged cheek again

I can meet my families as we unite again…

Because  as the dawn welcomes the morn,

I’ll be going home!



Hallu Cebu!

We already planned many times to visit Cebu together with my friends but we end up disappointed because we have different schedules and workloads to beat. But I feel blessed that our Summer Getaway this year happend to be in Cebu!

We have set our own itinerary and ended up taking all the good angles of Cebu tourist spots. We manage to go to our planned places, thanks to the accomodating and honest taxi drivers…

We first visited Lapulapu Shrine , where the chieftain of Cebu fought over Spaniard leader Ferdinand Magellan (the rest are history). Then we headed to Taoist Temple to revere  the Tao gods. We had given a chance to say our wishes but the answer to my wish is “Maybe”. So, maybe there’s another time to ask for it. Next stop is Fort San Pedro, it’s like a walled city during war period. We have seen canons and fortress on its ground. Few steps away from fort is the Minor Basilica of Sto Niño, the patron saint of Cebu City. We just offered our simple prayers, say “hi” to the Baby Jesus and hurried back to taxi, as there’s no parking space at the church. Our last stop is Ayala Center where we freshen up ourselves and stroll at the area. We content our eyes to the fountains and the green and yellow background of the park.

At past five, we go back to Plantation Bay, our resort hotel to have our hawaian themed dinner. The night performers are Hawaian girls and fire dancers and the night ends in drinking one bottle of San Mig while listening to the band. After that while others belted out at Cafe Havana we opt to enjoy the pool.

The next day, we visited the Our Lady of the Rule where we attend our first Bisaya mass.

We have our three days rejuvenation, bonding and fun… looking forward for next year summer getaway!

P.S: Here’s my snapshot at Plantation Bay before we have our Amazing Race. Btw, I belong to a Blazing, Sizzling and Hot RED team!

embracing the morning sun at Plantation Bay

embracing the morning sun at Plantation Bay