Talim Island Experience

I have still a hangover during my visit at Talim Island together with my Camillian Sisters friends. I participated on their search in process at the same time, one of the main reason is that : to visit another place to be included on my list AS “tHE vISITED pLACE!”

I am happy to travel through boat and it feels like going to Guimaras… And as we sail, I’m pondering if these residents are lucky enough compared to us where we live on the mountains while they’re enjoying the blue seas. Maybe I thought we’re lucky because even when it rains hard we can still go to the market to buy some foods, we can go to hospital without sailing in case of emergency or we’re safe if tidal waves happens.

On the contrary, they’re lucky enough because they have a permanent transportation (when there’s no storm), they have a good governance that they have a beautiful parish, accessible to the mainland and they have a lot of fishes to eat (lol)!

But to sum it all, I’m still lucky enough to visit different places where I can appreciate God’s blessing!

Thanks Talim Island for a beautiful memories. 

Looking forward to another adventure ahead!

The beauty of Talim Island

The beauty of Talim Island



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