After years and months had gone, still I’m in love with him… And last night as I visited his page, I came across to his post dedicated to his mom. The poem was piercing and very truthful. As always he never failed to capture hearts through pen– the way he captures my own heart!

If ever this post is patented, I’m willing to be incarcerated.

To Mr. V, thank you for coming in my life, you give my heart a job of his own (always shouting your name) at least it’s not unemployed after all. lol!

Excerpt from the post:

Her lips were pressed against my nose,
With all her strength she gently rose,
She picked me up, wrapped me in those arms
And as her chest beats fast, mine became warm

I always searched for a girl I could love,
And give her everything, I ever have
But all this time, I should’ve known
That a part of my heart, was with her all along


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