Sounds foreign , right? That’s our fish pet name. We just bought it yesterday at local petshop after mass. It’s been weeks that we have plan  to have pet at our little home but we haven’t found one…not until yesterday.

He’s a swordfish, orange and too cute. We bought two– one for Lai and other is mine. She never have found a name for her pet (maybe soon).

Hichyroo is not really my own choice of name, it’s my officemate who suggested that name after we’re debating for a baby’s name of one of our colleague who’s on her first trimester. It’s a Japanese name, originally as Hichiru but I just made some twist to make it so unique and personal.

On a personal note, I just love the Japanese name because I have known a special someone who love a Japanese character, so maybe even in a pet name, I can share a world he owns. (And I miss him!)

Friday Sickness

b Most of us will say ” TGIF / Thanks God it’s Friday!”

Why it feels so hollow now? I want to go back to bed and sleep. I want to rest my tired muscles and enjoy the soft music playing at the four corners of my room. I feel exhausted!

How I wish it’s five in the afternoon, so I can go home…. but this is just a wishful thinking.