This month had been a roller coaster ride… Every week had a challenge of moving on, accepatance, and happiness.

On the first week, I just turned 26… It’s been 25 years of life striding and now another life, another chapter, a new beginning to start with. I’m so thankful for another year and looking forward for more blissful years to come. I’ve been sorrounded with people whom I love most and loving me in return. This year is special because I celebrated it with someone special.

On the 9th day its a day we’ve look forward to. It’s also the first day on our lives that we’ve been celebrating together our special moment, even there’s some glitches and scratches but at the end of the day we just kissed and make up!

On the 13th day was a day of big revelation! It’s a down moment when we know that company is facing of downsizing and it’s under my department. It’s a week of crying and consoling. A week when all I do is think the possibilities and the “must be” and “will be’s”.

On the 20th day, typhoon struck Manila and all I’ve had to do is to sleep and chill! A 3-day rest and to savor the quite of life brings!

And the last week is hectic where we have to work full time to cover the month end closing… but the day was favorable to me to bond with colleagues and enjoy the remaining days…if ever!