I have no pet dog since I was young… I have only kittens, and I can’t remember when was the last time I have…only I know my last kitten is named JPAMA after my org name. Actually he had a sister named JPIA but died which I also can’t remember how it happened. That time I seldom go home and been busy at school.

I remember one of best of friend gave me a puppy when I was in high school and I named it Cliffy, a white furry pup but died after some weeks because (maybe) my friend gave it to me after a month he was born…and maybe he needs more his mother’s milk than the formula milk my mama used to feed him.

And now, I am so excited to have another baby… hopefully, everything will be okay… she is born on the 5th of August , and I can’t wait to see her…
Basha, named after one of the character of our favorite movie, One More Chance… it’s already decided even she was not born yet…hehehe..