That was my ultimate goal since I turned 28 last month.

I am a sensitive person and crying was my refuge when I am lost or blue and I feel that I have to change that habit. I am not fond of ridicule and I hate every bit of it. I grow up in a place where I was raised in a harmonious environment. I live where I was safeguard in harsh realities. I lived in complete solitude. Not until I welcome independence and live in a city alone, surrounded by different people whom I don’t know who they are and I don’t care where they comes from either.

So I make a pact to myself.

I want to speak out. I want to defend myself when I have been busted off. It was an incident last month that make me realize that I was stupid to remain silent when in fact I have the right to speak up and just because of shyness I just eat all those words and remain it in my memory. I remember how I cried because of guilt, because if only I am brave enough….Maybe. Wishful thinking.

And so #braver28 was born…


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