Night out

When you are not happy in the crowd and you coerce yourself smiling and pretending you’re okay.

I regret that I stay longer… I hate it when being friendly makes you less human and fake.

I learned my lesson. Swim to a place where you enjoy the scene not because you’re part of the school of fishes.

Dreamer bound to Davao

Dreams do come true…when you do it! I am on my way to fulfill the first list I listed on my bucketlist. I have been planning and dreaming about this trip since I am young and unemployed but due to circumstances I haven’t get a chance but a promo last April makes me decide and leap wothout even thinkinh the weather conditions in this rainy months. As usual there is some delays and mishaps but I am claiming this will be a sucessful and happy vacation even I have to beat stormy skies.

I am writing this blog 120000 feet above and experiencing turbulence due to cloudy skies and almost zero visibility.

Bless my trip God and bring me to Davao safe and sound.