At this moment I ask myself, “do I make a right choice?”

I have given all my life despite the signs and warnings that I have observed, believing that people change and prayers can be answered in the right time. But maybe,there is also unanswered prayers that I fool myself in believing into it. I forgive for hundred times and cried nth time for the pain that I have felt. I keep my mouth shut and remain in silence, assuming that things will be alright.

But,at some point I feel betrayed.

I gave up all my dreams and focus into one. I didn’t submit myself to anyone and believe in destiny yet it dawned to me that in this ordeal it was only me that remained faithful. I lower my standard and eat my pride to accept the flaws and imperfections but I am the one that lose. I am the one who is submissive enough and been manipulated…and I hate it. I am not used into it but I am the one who lead myself into this situation.

Now, I have to face the consequences and I don’t know how to start or to end. I don’t know how to run away and never look back. I don’t know how. I don’t even know where to go.

I am lost.

Did I make a right choice?

At this moment, I am searching for the answers and hoping I can find my old self–again.


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