This afternoon, on my way to school I passed by at the church and saw two figures–a child who is jumping and pointing to an airplane saying, “oh eroplano ma oh,nakakakita na ako ng eroplano” and a mom who hold his hand. His words pinched my heart, for years ago, I said the same thing.

Hailed from the mountain, it was, that time unbelievable that I can ride a plane for no one in my family works in Manila. I have an aunt in Davao but it is also far fetched that I can visit it. So,when the plane passed by on our place we (I and my friends or classmates) ran outside and looked at the sky and I can imagine our happy faces. Or even we just heard the buzzing sound and assumed that behind the clouds there is an airplane.I also wondered and asked “makasakay din kaya ako ng eroplano?” “Malaki kaya yan?” Many random questions that I kept and forget. In the province, riding an airplane is a luxury and I can say it’s included in everyone wishlist.

Now, I just smile at the thought. Dreams do come true so don’t ever stop dreaming.




*Yes, I got my dream when we have a fieldtrip in Manila (which I begged Mama to allow me) and I visit Davao too.*