Kisses and Kicks

Your kicks tickle my senses

Like popcorn pops and the aroma feels the air.

Like someone poke me then suddenly disappear

As if you giggle then stop because you are caught

The feeling is fleeting–

But for me it was the happiest and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms…

And give you hundred of butterfly kisses.


You are my unexpected twist and turn

Before life was a set of patterns,

Crafted meticulously, and followed earnestly.

But all the patterns,models and plans has faded,

When you showed on that fateful morning of September–

unannounced like a thief of the night.

You changed the idea of success and true happiness

That life is not about living with numbers

Nor playing of words

Life is beyond imagination, life is beautiful

Together with you.

You came and complete my inner soul

A song to my broken heart

The music of my silence

You fill the gap of my being.

Gift, you are the reason of my existence

You are my life.