If I have to turn back time and when fate doesn’t turn his back ,this day should be my recognition day… but I take a different road and I recognize another role into my life which is becoming a mom to a six week old Gift.

Yes, regret sinks in–painful realizations and what ifs bite every time if I am alone. The pain of not having my sablay on time, the expectations that are not met, and going back to the university seeing unfamiliar faces because my batch already graduated hurts…but I believe the journey does not end here, I promise to go back on track,soon!

Sumablay man pero sa-Sablay tayo. Hindi matapos ang taon na ito na hindi natin maabot ang pangarap na yan. Tapusin ko ang laban na to!I am claiming to pass the compre exam, Sablay sa June 2020 (a little bit late as planned). I will go on as planned that my Filipiniana will be made from Lumban with love as planned. (During a trip to Caliraya I pass by at Lumban and see hand made dress made appropriate during Sablay rites so I promised myself that I will have one if I graduated and I will do it.)

The race was finished but mine is about to start. Another road,another track which is set for me. I know God has other plans and whatever it is He will be done. I believe my time for graduation is not June 2019 but 2020. I saw this verse from Psalm which my classmate posted that “you will be crying,but He will give joy on the morning” and I firmly believe that if you have dreams and you want to achieve it the universe will connive so you can have it.

This year maybe a hectic year but in every season I know God store surprises for me. I have to work and wait for it.

June 21,2019

3am Thoughts

Never did I imagine that I will be beside a four week old tiny human being who whimpers in wee hour as if he’s hungry after taking 2oz of his milk and makes me awake all night long or hearing little snores and noises aside from the whirling electric fan and deafening silence of our home.