I don’t know if this is the right decision for this thing should affect my whole being and it will be a lifetime.

I don’t even know my whole self nor the other half. I have been blinded for six years with broken promises and sweet words that never been put into action. I believe that people change or I can change people yet I am wronged and here I am taking the full consequences.

The person that I know before is not the same anymore or he doesn’t change but I have seen the pretensions and make-believe. I used to believe that happily ever after exist and destiny are meant for me yet it’s all in the books. In real life prince charming is deceiving. Untrue. Liar.

I don’t know how I can hide on this scenario or how I can run away and find myself again. I am stucked. I am prisoner.

I want to be free but how?

Or can I be freely the same way again?

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