The most challenging sem is over…and I failed. My EDM sucks. POM is rewarding but i am the weakling and FinMan got the highest score. I dont’t want to expect anything because i know i dont exert any effort to be called successful.

I shorten my leave but end up cancelled.

I put this into writing for me to moved on.


Random Thoughts

At some point I ask myself

“Tama ba tong napasukan ko?”

I am lazy with my reports, homeworks and even going to school. I end up tinkering my phone or thinking random thoughts and misfortunes that I have. I cried silently in my room and let agony and despair took over.

I self pity.

I lost my old self.

Then at one point, I decided to finish the battle that I started.

“Tatapusin ko ang laban na to!”

I don’t know how or how can I make it but one thing is for sure…I have my God and I will never give up.

Claiming my victory, all for His glory. Sasablay sa 2019!

Cold rainy nights

In this freezing cold
And lonely nights,
I wish you’re in my side
Hugging me tight.

But you are there
And I am here,
Nautical miles and knots away
How can I ask, will you stay?

Two different worlds,
Battled for time and words,
Can we make it
Or I tend to forget?

Sigh, loving you is a warfare!
I’ll be losing pieces of me,
To win you back in my arms…again.


Over a cup of coffee,
Memories flow,
The good times that we had,
Laughters that we shared
Stories until dawn,
The tears I cried when you give up
And the broken promises
While staring on my empty cup.
Till this day I’m still hoping one day
Could we just friends the way we used to be?
And talked again…
Over a cup of coffee.


Baw ano man nga swerte,
Ang bus nga nasakyan ko duro ti arte,
May dapug nga ikaw malipong,
May agua nga tama ka antung,
May isda nga daw nahuro,
May balhas sa siko gaturo.
Pero sige lang agwantaha, Iska
May grasya sa punta kang karsada.

》done this during a trip from school to home.