Departure Area

May darwa ka uyahon
ang pagpanakayon:
Ang sara manami kag malipayon,
Ang sara mapait kag masinulub-on.

Nami lang kung ikaw ang magabiya,
Kay ang dapa-dapa nagakasadya,
Ang imung uyahon may balon nga yuhom,
Ang imung tagipusoon buta kang paglaum.

Masubo kung ikaw ang mabilin,
Ang imung luha nagatibi kag ang kahig hindi maghalin,
Ang imung corazon naga ibwal sa kasubo,
Kag ang imung hibubun-ot daw nami guid ibubo.


Anew Year

I have been sending greetings to anyone in my phonebook and I am not expecting any reply in return. Following day, after the mass I received a message with an unknown number, asking who am I. And I replied using my petname assuming it was someone known to me. . But I was wrong. It wasn’t the same way. You were different.  I am tempted to reply,  to ask about life but I dissuade the idea and letting the fire of ‘the who’ takes place.
My reason was simple: I don’t want to intervene, to hurt, to assume and to let my defenses broke down… Again.


On the road I lost..
I feel apart and broken
I can feel the excruciating pain
My heart burst.

On the road I lost,
But I continue my journey
Barefooted, sleepless, hungry
Conquering nightmare and my life’s ghost.

Now, I learn to be strong enough
To stand, to wander, to cry and laugh
I can love and live life at its most,
Thanks on that road, I lost.


Loving you awakens my senses how selfless and kind you are.
I maybe brat at times but you teach me to be meek,
I am selfish but you teach me to compassionate
I do not appreciate what you have given me, but still you continue giving and forgiving
I am self centered yet you always put me the center of your life
I do not deserve that love you offer, yet you let me love you more and know what love has to offer.
And having you in distance,  I realize living without you is not life.
You become my life.
Life is you.

Lucky feels.

People stand in a bus for an hour just to get home… when some are jumpacked and dispatcher keep on shouting for one special passenger in order to leave…
And yet in this blissful evening, I can stretch my legs and sit in any position and place I want…because I ride in a generous and kind van driver.
Lucky me.


I’ve been once a nomad,
I travel in a faraway land,
Dive the seas, walk in a barren desert sand
Believing I can own the world with my bare hand.

I’ve been once a hermit,
I own my time, I know my limits,
I believe I can live alone,
Not until you come along..

Yes, you change the world I live,
My ideas, beliefs, life’s perspective
I’ve been once an unbeliever,
Not until, I found in you , the answer.